We are committed to making the testing process as simple and cost effective as possible. We will
bill the patient’s insurance for only the laboratory tests the physician has ordered.

  • Is this test covered by the insurance plan?
  • Does it meet insurance company’s “medical necessity” guidelines?
  • Has the deductible been met for the year?
  • What are the co-payments or co-insurance for laboratory tests?
    Cost may vary depending on several factors:

The insurance company will send your patient an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) or Summary of Charges after they have processed the claim we file on your patient’s behalf. This is not a bill, it is a statement sent by the health insurance company to explain how they processed this insurance claim. This EOB will identify monetary responsibilities, if any that remains, after the health insurance company has processed the claim. Oxy-Gen will only bill for the amounts the insurance company indicates on the EOB as patient responsibility. Some health insurance companies may require a prior authorization for your tests, Oxy-Gen will request this on the patient’s behalf if it is necessary.

 We will contact the patient if the health insurance company has denied authorization of the test to discuss other payment options. If there is no health insurance, a cash price can be provided upon request. If the patient cannot pay for the testing, we can discuss additional options which may be available. If you have questions feel free to contact our Patient Relations Team at 770-686-3620 or visit our website at oxy-genlab.com