Oxy-Gen Laboratory is a compassionate company offering a wide range of financial assistance programs based on the individual’s financial need. These programs are available to patients in the United States who want to have their tests done with Oxy-Gen.

Patients must meet clinical and income criteria to apply for these programs.

Interest-free Payment Plans
Oxy-Gen offers interest-free payment plans
Economic Hardship

For patients with no medical insurance and limited financial resources to cover the cost of testing.
To apply for Economic Hardship please complete the Application For Economic Hardship and submit it to
Oxy-Gen Laboratory via email or fax.

Application For Economic Hardship 

Email: billing@oxy-genlab.flywheelsites.com
Fax: 888-316-1232

Patient with Commercial Insurance
For patients who are insured with commercial insurance, Oxy-Gen can offer financial assistance based
on the criteria (see the Financial Disclosure Form for details). Patients with U.S. Federal and/or State funded health plans (i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, TriCare, Champus) do not qualify.
To apply for Financial Assistance, please complete the Financial Disclosure Form and submit it to Oxy- Gen via email or fax.

Financial Assistance Disclosure Form 

Email: billing@oxy-genlab.flywheelsites.com
Fax: 888-316-1232

Please contact a Billing Representative at 888-415-6757 or billing@oxy-genlab.flywheelsites.com.com for moreinformation.