Oxy-Gen is committed to working with patients to make genetic testing affordable. We offer cash pricing
at a discounted rate to make our tests accessible to all patients. Patients who do not meet insurance
coverage policies for testing, patients who have high-deductible plans or have no insurance coverage
can choose the Self-Pay option to get their tests done with Oxy-Gen

Full payment or initial deposit if on a payment plan (Payment Plan Agreement is signed) must be
made before test results can be released, either by credit card or check.

The Self-Pay option is not applicable for the Compassionate Program.

To take advantage of the self-pay price, select the “Self-Pay” option on our test requisition form and
provide the patient’s contact information. If ordering online, select the “Self-Pay” option in the billing
portion of the ordering process. Oxy-Gen will follow up with the patient directly regarding payment.

Please contact a Billing Representative at 888-415-6757 or billing@oxy-genlab.flywheelsites.com for more information.