Oxy-Gen's Toxicology

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About Our Toxicology

With genetic, infectious and next generation sequencing testing; Oxy-Gen is proud to annouce Toxicology as our latest service. Our panel offers the most accurate results available. With priority testing, you’ll have your results within just 24 hours. Our toxicology provides critical information and knowledge that can be used by physicians, regulatory agencies, and healthcare providers, to put programs and policies in place to limit abuse of these substances, and monitor compliance with prescribed drug regimes. This prevents and reduces the likelihood that an addiction or other negative health outcome would occur. Our instrumentation and tools provide the most clinically accurate results available.


The Importance Of Toxicology

With an ongoing epidemic of drug misuse and abuse in America, it’s more important than ever for healthcare providers to monitor their patients as they treat them for pain, addiction, or chronic conditions. Oxy-Gen Laboratories toxicology testing can help verify adherence, prevent diversion, and reduce the risks of addiction and adverse drug events. Oxy-gen can also help the provider perform more thorough medication reconciliations.


Why Choose Oxy-Gen?


- Our Panel offers a 99% accuracy rate.


- All of Oxy-Gen’s tests offer priority turn around results within just (24 hours).


- Oxy-Gen offers unmatched customer service abilities giving you the most personalized solution avalible amongst other laboraties.


- Oxy-Gen is a CLIA and CAP certified laboratory regulating at the highest standard availible.


Our Methods Of Testing

Urine Sample

The most common methods of urine testing include qualitative and quantitative analysis. Oxy-Gen's urine toxicology screen is a qualitative test of specific drugs and their metabolites in the urine. Substances are detected in the urine by enzymatic immunoassays (EIAs). The quantitative test, (LC-MS) liquid chromatography mass spectometry is used for drug confirmation testing following an immunoassay screen.

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