COVID-19  Testing Available Results within 24 hrs

Regulatory Clearance

Several test kits received Emergency use approval, the principle regulatory clearance allowing the test to be sold as an in vitro diagnostic (“IVD”) for the diagnosis of COVID-19. We at Oxy-Gen Laboratory have validated multiple collection devices:


SARS-CoV-2/ Covid-19 RT-qPCR testing for just $75.00

Oxy-Gen Laboratory uses cutting-edge technology to detect viral presence in patients. We offer a variety of sample collection options including Saliva (non-invasive), Nasopharyngeal, Oropharyngeal swabs. Our results are available the same day of testing (within 24 hours). Our tests are 100% accurate and highly sensitive and specific (99.9% at 1 copy/µL).


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Where is Oxy-Gen Laboratory?

We’re located in Norcross, Georgia our laboratory is suite 300, take a look at the map to route directions.