Fluvid Testing
Results available within 24 hrs

What is Oxy-Gen's Fluvid Testing? 

At Oxy-Gen Laboratory we offer both Covid-19 Testing and a Fluvid panel which conveniently scans for both Covid and the Flu.

With precise and accurate results our panel offers a cash pay rate of $99 and drive through services. Book an appointment through our SOLV partner today and see results within 24 hours typically same day!

Oxy-Gen Laboratory uses cutting-edge technology to detect viral presence in patients. We offer a variety of sample collection options including Saliva (non-invasive), Nasopharyngeal, Oropharyngeal swabs. Our results are available the same day of testing (within 24 hours). Our tests are 100% accurate and highly sensitive and specific (99.9% at 1 copy/µL). Tap or click our “Schedule Now”  above to schedule your covid appointment today!

Where is Oxy-Gen Laboratory?

We’re located in Norcross, Georgia our laboratory is suite 300, take a look at the map to route directions.