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 Our suite of diagnostic services include Cancer Genomics, Pharmacogenomics, Infectious Diseases and Health Technology Applications. Oxy-Gen Laboratory is a pioneer in scientific innovations and client partnerships.

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Our comprehensive genetic testing menu includes screening, and diagnosis for the following conditions:

Cancer Genomics
Hereditary Cardiovascular Disease
Metabolic Newborn Screening
Carrier Testing
Women's Health and STD
Hearing Loss
Urinary Tract Infection
Respiratory Pathogens
Gastrointestinal Pathogens

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Using precision medicine and innovative techniques to help healthcare professionals improve the treatment and outcomes of their patients

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Cancer Genomics

The study of most cancers genomes has revealed abnormalities in genes that lead the development and growth of many types of cancer. This information help us improve our knowledge of the biology of most cancers and led us to find new methods of diagnosing and treating the disease.  Early prognosis is the best tool to treat that disease . The earlier an affected person starts treatment the better the probabilities of complete healing. 


Pharmacogenetics(PGx) is the relationship between a patient’s unique genetic makeup and their response to certain medications.  Genetic mutations can cause either higher or lower rates of metabolism for known drugs. According to the FDA, each year, approximately 4.5 million Americans visit their doctors or the emergency room due to adverse drug reactions

Upper Respiratory Tract/GI

The GI pathogens panel targets 6 Bacterial pathogens, 5 Diarrheagenic E.coli/Shigella, 4 Parasitic pathogens  and 5 viral pathogens. This test targets the pathogens RNA’s and DNA’s. Since an infected person shows the same symptoms for most of these pathogens, the GI panel pathogens will provide a more accurate information to clinicians to treat your patients.

Carrier Screen

Carrier screening is a type of genetic test that can tell you whether you carry a gene for certain genetic disorders. When it is done before or during pregnancy, it allows you to find out your chances of having a child with a genetic disorder.

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Oxy-Gen was established by Scientists to provide cost-effective, patient focused molecular diagnostic testing to the healthcare community. We strive to improve patient care outcomes while maintaining the highest level of quality and compliance. We are dedicated to quality through the use of precision medicine and innovative techniques to help healthcare professionals improve the treatment and outcomes of their patients. We endeavor to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction by developing new tests, exceptional customer service and continuous quality improvement. Oxy-Gen is actively involved in multiple research studies and collaborations in order to better assess clinical validity of gene-disease relationships.

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We are driven to give healthcare providers the most advanced testing information available so you can determine the best treatment options for your patients.