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Participating Health Insurance Plans
When can the verification of insurance coverage be done?

We can verify insurance coverage either before or after a sample is received in the laboratory.

Benefits Investigation Request Form

To submit the required information, providers can:

fax the benefits investigation request form to: 678-580-1461

email us the benefits investigation request form: 

How does Oxy-Gen verify coverage?

Oxy-Gen accepts all private healthcare insurance plans. Oxy-Gen will call the patient’s insurance company to determine if a prior authorization is required. Oxy-Gen will submit the needed documentation.

Oxy-Gen will also contact the insurance about the patient’s out-of-pocket cost which will include unmet deductible, copay, and coinsurance

What is required for Oxy-Gen to verify insurance coverage and determine a patient out-of-pocket cost?

1. Copy (front and back) of the patient healthcare insurance card (or cards if the patient has a secondary healthcare insurance plan).


2. Completed test requisition form, including patient information: address, telephone number, etc. This is critical as orders not complete will require manual processing and could create an unnecessary delay.


3. Insurance Billing Section: Make certain that the appropriate ICD10 code(s) are included on the requisition form.


4. A clinical note, pedigree, and/or pertinent medical records that document the medical necessity of the genetic testing being ordered.