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Developmental Disorders

Test Description

This test is designed to give you a full body of information on any chromosomal abnormalities you may have or may have inherited from your parents.

This test reports detected whole and segmental aneuploidies, submicroscopic copy number variations (CNVs) that cannot be detected by conventional karyotype, size and gene content of CNVs, regions of homozygosity, and uniparental isodisomy.

In addition, this test reveals your risk of having certain neurological conditions, allowing for preventive measures and lifestyle changes.

We screen for the following conditions

*Developmental delay (DD)

*Intellectual disability (ID)

*Multiple congenital anomalies (MCA)

*Dysmorphic features

*Autism spectrum disorders (ASD)



*Many other chromosomal abnormalities…

Benefits of this test

*Identifying genetic disorders early in life

*Allowing for early treatment and management

*Enabling informed decisions about healthcare and family planning

*Guide treatment decisions a provide a sense of relief for uncertainty

Who can order this test

Anybody can order this test and follow up with their healthcare providers. We have genetic counselors available who can go over your lab results and guide you about the next steps to take.

Test order

You can order the test directly by going to our online store or from your healthcare provider’s office.

*If the test is ordered directly through us, we will mail you a collection kit and a return label along with the collection and return instructions.

*If the test is ordered by your healthcare provider’s office, we will mail the collection kits and instructions to their office.


We follow the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) and American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) guidelines for reporting.

Any finds will be interpreted as followed:


Likely pathogenic

VUS (Variant of unknown significance)


Likely benign

However, it is important to note that genetic testing has limitations and may not be able to detect all genetic defects. The genetic results do not necessarily mean that you will develop a condition. It identifies the genes or mutations that increase your risk of developing a particular condition.


Why should I get Tested?

This Chromosomal Microarray(CMA) provides a personalized risk assessment based on your chromosome profile, allowing you and your healthcare provider to tailor screening, monitoring, and prevention strategies accordingly. This can include regular evaluations, lifestyle modifications, and potentially targeted medications or interventions.


  1. Appropriate screening
  2. Potential medical interventions
  3. Earlier screening
  4. Following appropriate clinical management
Deaths annually due to heart disease

About 1 in 200,000

People in the United States are diagnosed with genetic abnormalities each year

0 %
43% of the risk for cardiovascular disease lies in hereditary factors

Order information


-Buccal swab

-Blood sample in EDTA


7-21 Days


Purchase Test

If you would like to get screened for Developmental Disorders you can go to our store and follow the instructions on screen to order your test today.