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Precision Nutrition and Nutrigenomics

Test Description

Nutrigenomics is a fascinating area of research that explores how
the foods we eat interact with our genes. It’s all about discovering
how our unique genetic makeup influences the way we respond to
different nutrients and diets. By understanding these connections,
your healthcare provider can create tailor-made nutrition plans
that help you feel your best, stay healthy, lose weight, and increase

Benefits of this test

*Identifying genetic disorders early in life

*Allowing for early treatment and management

*Enabling informed decisions about healthcare and family planning

*Guide treatment decisions a provide a sense of relief for uncertainty

Who can order this test

Anybody can order this test and follow up with their healthcare providers. 

Test order

You can order the test directly by going to our online store or from your healthcare provider’s office.

*If the test is ordered directly through us, we will mail you a collection kit and a return label along with the collection and return instructions.

*If the test is ordered by your healthcare provider’s office, we will mail the collection kits and instructions to their office.

Sample type

-Buccal swab

-Blood sample in EDTA


The turnaround for this test is 10 to 21 days after reception of the sample. We will notify you via email or text after reception of your sample.





Order Information

  • *Buccal Swab

  • *Blood in EDTA

  • 7-21 Days


Purchase Test

If you would like to get screened for the Nutrigenomics test you can go to our store and follow the instructions on screen to order your test today.