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At-Home Testing

Hereditary Diseases

Who should consider getting tested for genetic health conditions? 

– People who have family members previously diagnosed with genetic conditions.
– Someone who is pregnant or planning a family.
– People who have a personal history of a genetic condition.
– Someone interested in learning about their chance of having or developing hereditary diseases.


How It Works

At Oxy-Gen Laboratory, we offer two payment methods for our Genetic Testing. A self-pay rate and/or payment through insurance is available.

 If you would like to pay through insurance; once you have been approved through one of our genetic counselors for your desired test we will contact you with your coverage to determine how you would like to proceed.



IMPORTANT: Please note the step process is only applicable for those who would like to get a genetic test preformed. If you are ordering any other test that is not genetic you may skip the steps and purchase the kit directly. (No need for a genetic counselor)


Fill out the simple patient intake form below by entering your information, then click submit.


After submission, you will be redirected to our partner to request a test online by scheduling an appointment with a genetic counselor.


Order a test kit from our shop and provide a saliva sample using the kit provided, after simply attach return label and send back.


Once your results are available, you may contact your doctor or the genetic counselor for any questions or concerns.

DISCLAIMER: It is important to note that we require every patient to be pre-approved for their desired test, this pre-approval comes from scheduling of your appointment with our genetic counselors


Patient Intake Form

(Genetic Testing Only)

Please note: This section is only for those who would like genetic testing performed, if you are ordering a test that is not genetic you may simply order the test below. Before getting started please enter your information below, once you finish filling out the form Oxy-Gen Laboratory will schedule your appointment with a genetic counselor and we’ll reach out with confirmation.

Click the Patient Intake Form button below to get started.


Shop Our Panels

Health testing has never been easier, faster, and more personalized. Browse the growing selection of tests available from Oxy-Gen Laboratory. You can view your cart or check the status of an order when you select my account below. If you have any additional questions please see our FAQ or if you’d like a list of genes screened for in each panel please see below.


Please note the following pricing is all Self-Pay this means the following rates are all cash payments. You’ll notice that all genetic tests are $199.99 this fee covers the cost of your pre-consultation with a genetic counselor (Required for genetic testing).


If you would like to pay through insurance, we will determine your coverage after you have been approved for the desired test through one of our genetic counselors.

Disclaimer: Insurance may or may not cover cost of counseling.

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Gene Lookup

Our gene lookup is designed to provide patients and providers with a comprehensive list with all of the genes screened in our genetic testing panels.

We understand the importance of transparency and empowering patients with knowledge about their genetic health. Our gene lookup table serves as a valuable resource to help you understand which genes are analyzed in each of our panels.


At-Home Testing FAQ

Answers for patients and individuals who have questions about how to pay for genetic testing, including insurance options.