How will Pharmacogenomics benefit my patients?

Oxy-Gen Laboratory provides a comprehensive report based on an individual patient’s genetic makeup that indicates metabolic rates for defined medications. This information helps clinicians’ prescribe the right drug at the right dose based on your patients DNA profile.


Oxy-Gen uses the latest in high DNA sequencing technology to analyze patient samples in an expedient and precise approach. All genetic scientists at Oxy-Gen are highly trained, handle testing with the utmost care, and are always available for in-depth consultations. Oxy-Gen pharmacogenomics reports are easy to read and provide you with clinically significant data based on the most recent medical innovations. 

Pharmacogenomics is the relationship between a patient’s unique genetic makeup and their response to certain medications. Genetic mutations can cause either higher or lower rates of metabolism for known drugs. According to the FDA, each year, approximately 4.5 million Americans visit their doctors or the emergency room due to adverse drug reactions.