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Health testing has never been faster, easier, and more personalized with Oxy-Gen Laboratory, click here to view our genetic testing menu.

Using precision medicine and innovative techniques to help healthcare professionals improve the treatment and outcomes of their patients. 

Discover if you have hereditary disorders with at-home testing.

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– Do you have any family members who have been diagnosed with a genetic condition?
– Are you pregnant or planning a family?
– Do you have a previous personal history of a genetic condition?
– Are you interested in learning about your chance of having a genetic condition?

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We are driven to give healthcare providers the most advanced testing information available so you can determine the best treatment options for your patients.

Our suite of diagnostic services includes microarray, infectious diseases testing,  hereditary cancer screening, hereditary cardiovascular, hereditary parkinson’s-alzheimer’s-dementia, hereditary diabetes and obesity, primary immunodeficiency response, pharmacogenomics, and carrier screening. Oxy-Gen Laboratory is a pioneer in scientific innovations and client partnerships.

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Oxy-Gen offers a vast array of services, to get started; click the learn more button for additional information.

Infectious Disease Testing
Our infectious diseases testing provides information about viral, fungal and bacterial pathogens in the patient’s system from either urine, stool or swab.
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Next Generation Sequencing
Carrier screening provides you and your doctor with information about your risks of having a child with a serious genetic disease prior to or during pregnancy.
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Genotyping Pharma Testing
Pharmacogenomics is the relationship between a patient’s unique genetic makeup and their response to certain medications.
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Genetic Testing

Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

Cancer Screening (CGX)

Diabetes and Obesity 

Cardiovascular Diseases

Immunodeficiency Screening

Parkinson’s- Alzheimer’s-Dementia

Carrier Screening

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Take A Look At What We Offer.

Oxy-Gen offers a vast array of services ranging from infectious disease panels, to different genetic solutions. To get started, click the learn more button for more in-depth information.


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Health testing has never been easier, faster, and more personalized. Browse the growing selection of tests available from Oxy-Gen Laboratory. You can view your cart or check the status of an order when you select my account below.

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